Candidate for Maryland governor works to ready health exchange

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – Maryland Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, who’s running for governor, is trying to get the state’s health care exchange in running order while hoping its problems don’t hurt his campaign chances.

Brown has led the state’s health care overhaul and the site — Maryland Health Connection — has been wracked by frozen screens and error messages that have made it among the worst performing of the state exchanges.

“I’ve spent a lot of time with Marylanders who are (as) frustrated and disappointed as I am,” Brown told reporters after testifying before House and Senate state committees.

Brown is pushing for an emergency bill that would allow some individuals who failed to successfully navigate the state exchange to secure coverage retroactively to Jan. 1.

Brown shrugs off any concern that Maryland voters might punish him for the problems with the health care roll out.

“I think Marylanders are going to be looking at a variety of things to evaluate and assess not just me but all elected officials,” says Brown.

Attorney General Doug Gansler, who also is running for governor, says the problems with the health care program reflect Brown’s flawed leadership.

But Brown says he’s working hard to try to resolve the problems and get coverage for those who need it.

“What we’re doing is focusing on the fix and making progress,” Brown says.

The state has reached a deal with the four private carriers that operate on the state exchange to insure individuals retroactively to Jan. 1 if they failed to successfully enroll on the state’s website.

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