80-year-old named ‘world’s dirtiest man’ (Video)

WASHINGTON – An 80-year-old man who has not bathed for about two-thirds of his life, is making headlines around the world for his interesting lifestyle.

Amou Haji, an Iranian, is being called the “world’s dirtiest man,” after he told the Tehran Times has hasn’t bathed in 60 years.

Haji told the Times his favorite food is the rotten meat of dead animals. When asked to eat clean food and drink clean water, Haji told the Times he gets mad because he believes “cleanliness brings him sickness.”

Haji, a smoker, doesn’t go the traditional route with that habit either. He puts animal feces in his smoking pipe and sometimes smokes five cigarettes at a time, according to the Tehran Times.

Watch a video including photos of the man below:

h/t: Huffinton Post

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