Woman: TSA agent took my doll’s toy pistol

WASHINGTON – A Washington state woman was taken aback recently when a TSA agent decided to confiscate a two-inch long gun belonging to her sock monkey, Rooster Monkburn.

Phyllis May tells King5.com that she was “appalled and shocked and embarassed all at the same time” when it happened on Dec. 3.

May, who has a small business selling sock monkey dolls, was flying through SEA-TAC when she was pulled aside and asked about her carry-on bag.

Inside the bag were sewing supplies and a few of her monkeys.

The offending monkey in question was “Rooster Monkburn” a doll dressed as a cowboy, complete with toy pistol.

“She said ‘this is a gun,'” May tells King5. “I said no, it’s not a gun it’s a prop for my monkey.”

The agent said she had to take the pistol and was supposed to call the police.

“Rooster Monkburn has been disarmed so I’m sure everyone on the plane was safe,” she says. “I understand she was doing her job but at some point doesn’t common sense prevail?”

The agent didn’t end up calling the police and May did get her sewing supplies back.

It is not clear whether May got her monkey’s gun back.

See photos of the sock monkey doll and all of his accessories at King5.com.

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