Which one’s best? Not all batteries are created equal

Consumer Reports tries to answer the great debate: alkaline vs. lithium? (Thinkstock)

WASHINGTON – You did weeks of research on the best new tech gadget and you’ve purchased the top-of-the line item for your loved one.

Now, what about those batteries?

Consumer Reports recently conducted a test of 15 AA batteries and has broken it down by performance and cost.

(Word to the wise: That camera, flashlight, toy, radio and remote control under the tree probably requires a battery.)

In the great debate over alkaline versus lithium, Consumer Reports found the lithium batteries performed better, especially in cameras.

However, if you’re buying batteries for a “low-drain” device, such as a flashlight or remote control, alkalines are cheaper and perform almost as well.

The winner: Energizer lithium battery, $5.50 a pair.

Alkalines worth considering: Duracells and Kirkland Sinature.

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