Drivers can reserve parking spots at Silver Line station

WASHINGTON – New delays are pushing the opening of the Silver Line back until at least March, but drivers are already looking for parking.

The only parking garage set to open in conjunction with the Silver Line is at the Wiehle-Reston East station, and drivers can begin reserving spots now.

The public part of the garage has about 2,300 spaces and will be operated by Metro. Commuters can pay $65 a month to ensure a spot is available for them each weekday as long as they get to the station by 10 a.m. Those drivers still pay the daily parking fee (currently $4.75) on top of the reservation fee.

Ellen Kamilakis, with the Fairfax County Department of Transportation, says drivers can reserve a spot online now just by submitting credit-card information. She says drivers will not be charged until the Silver Line actually opens.

The public garage will require drivers to pay with a SmarTrip card, just like other Metro garages, and will be free on holidays and weekends.

The private part of the garage has about 500 spaces and will operate on a separate fee structure.

Maggie Parker, with Comstock Partners, says prices are still being finalized, but she believes the private garage will match the Metro garage fee of $4.75 per day for one-time parkers. Drivers can pay $155 per month to ensure a spot in the private garage before 10 a.m. with no additional daily fees. It works out to about the same as the public garage, depending on how many days somenoe uses it.

Drivers who want a guaranteed spot 24/7 can pay $195 per month in the private garage.

Another option in the private garage is to put down at least $35 on a prepaid parking card that will get drivers a 25-cent discount in that garage each day.

Parker says the new rates should be reflected soon on its website, where drivers can also sign up in advance for a spot.

Comstock has just begun construction on high rises above the garage, whose tenants will eventually be using the private parking.

The developer plans to offer a $50 per month discount on the monthly rates until June – as long as the Silver Line is up and running before then.

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