Will D.C. region get an early snow fall?

Packed snow can make roads very slippery. (WTOP/Kristi King)
How likely is snow next week?

Alicia Lozano | November 14, 2014 10:24 pm

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WASHINGTON — Thanksgiving is still three weeks away, but weather experts are already talking about the possibility of snow next week.

National Weather Service reports that an arctic blast from Canada could dip temperatures into unseasonably low numbers.

On Wednesday, there is a 30 percent chance of snow and a potential for lows in the high 20s, National Weather Service reports.

But ABC 7 Meteorologist Alex Liggitt isn’t so sure.

Liggitt says the pre-snow frenzy is typical for this time of year, but warns that it is difficult to predict any storm a week before the anticipated event.

“There’s definitely a chance, but it’s a very, very minute one at this point,” he says. “There’s always a lot of changes that can occur when you’re in this kind of model range when you’re four, five, even six days from the storm itself.”

Liggitt says the potential storm can be unpredictable. Earlier this week a weather system was forming in northern Alaska and starting to travel southeast. If an area of low pressure accumulates off the East Coast, then there is potential for an early snow.

But even if all the factors line up, the potential for snow would still be minimal, Liggitt says.

“Right now, it’s still more questions than answers and that is typically the case this far out,” he says.

Experts at the National Weather Service also remain uncertain a strong weather pattern will develop next week.

“The confidence is very low at this point,” says Meteorologist Kevin Witt. “The computer models we use are flip flopping right now. They are not in agreement.”

There is a consensus, however, that low pressure could develop off the East Coast.

“If it does build, we could see a little rain or a little bit of snow,” Witt says, adding that it’s still too early to tell.

To learn more about the developing weather system, read Liggitt’s blog here.

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