What vets need to know to nab the civilian jobs they want

WASHINGTON – After you’ve spent several years or more in uniform, how do you successfully step from the parade ground into the civilian job that you want?

Realwarriors.net offers steps to help vets move from uniform to civilian work clothes.

For starters, the website recommends de-militarizing the resume. Departing military personnel should think beyond their specific skills or functions in the military and identify core values. For example, not many employers need a sharpshooter, but plenty of employers could use someone who has carried out crucial objectives under high pressure with minimal room for failure.

Military personnel have skills that can be very valuable to prospective employers. The key is to effectively communicate those skills to a civilian hiring manager.

Another tip is to paint the full picture of military experience including technical, interpersonal and leadership skills.

There are resources for veterans in transition, including education and counseling. And once in the civilian work force vets, must adapt to communication and decision making styles different than what exists in the military.

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