Thanksgiving treats that are doggie no-nos

WASHINGTON – If your pooch likes to join family and friends at the Thanksgiving table, be aware some of the treats from the holiday meal pose a threat of severe illness for dogs.

The Boston Globe reports there are five foods that dogs should avoid.

  1. Turkey bones – They can get lodged in your dog’s throat, stomach, or the intestinal tract. Bones can also splinter and cause severe damage to the stomach and possibly puncture the small intestines as well.
  2. Fat trimmings – The fatty meat, turkey skin and gravy is dangerous for dogs to consume. Eating turkey skin can result in pancreatitis with symptoms including vomiting, depression, fatigue and abdominal pain.
  3. Dough and cake batter – In addition to exposure to salmonella bacteria due to raw eggs, the dough can also rise in a canine’s belly and lead to vomiting, abdominal pain and bloating.
  4. Raisins and grapes – Both can cause kidney failure.
  5. Mushrooms – Dogs that eat mushrooms can suffer from seizures or even die as internal organs can be damaged including the kidneys, liver and the central nervous system.

Despite how much a dog begs, it’s better to deprive than indulge this Thanksgiving. More information about hazardous foods for dogs is available on the ASPCA website.

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