Spirit Airlines runs ad inspired by NFL bullying saga

Spirit is no stranger to ads like this. (Screenshot Spirit.com)

WASHINGTON – The Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin saga has been generating plenty of headlines recently, so it’s no surprise there’s at least one business trying to capitalize off the controversy.

Spirit Airlines is offering a $24-off deal in an online and email advertisement that features a man wearing a suit, sunglasses and pseudo-Miami Dolphins helmet. The tagline: “Don’t be bullied by high fares. Fly incognito out of Florida or any place for that matter.”

The ad is a play on the allegations that Incognito, an offensive lineman with the Dolphins, was the main instigator in bullying and harassment that caused his teammate, Martin, to leave the team.

The South Florida Business Journal notes that Spirit is no stranger to controversial ads. Past campaigns have referred to or been inspired by Anthony Weiner’s sexting, the BP oil spill and the Secret Service scandal involving prostitution in Colombia.

What do you think of the Incognito ad? Poor taste, or a savvy business move? Let us know in the comments.

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