Procrastination could pay off when booking hotels

WASHINGTON — Being a procrastinator might pay off handsomely for you this Thanksgiving holiday.

Just in case sleeping in your old bedroom doesn’t sound appealing, hotels are rolling out deals for the holiday.

“They’re already about 15 percent lower than they would be on a normal weekend,” Marketwatch’s Catey Hill says.

“If you wait until a day, two days beforehand, they’ll drop an average of about 20 percent more.”

Hill says the big cities like Chicago offer the biggest deals.

“Their convention schedule is kind of shifted this year, so they’re supposed to have great rates,” Hill says. “Also, we’re looking at San Jose, California and Boston. All are supposed to have really low rates over Thanksgiving.”

Any of the online travel sites can help you find those great rates. As far as last minute booking apps, Hill suggests Hotel Tonight.

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