Prince George’s high school hits seniors with residency-proof requirement

WASHINGTON – A Prince George’s County high school recently called their seniors into the auditorium to go over requirements for graduation.

At the end of it, they added a new one.

According to the Washington Post, the seniors at Northwestern High School, in Hyattsville, were handed a letter demanding proof that they lived in the county — a lease, mortgage statement, utility bill — and giving them two weeks to do it, or else they’d have to withdraw.

The county schools chief told the Post that it was all part of a regular audit. Parents told the Post they didn’t understand why such an important requirement was being demanded in the middle of the school year and not at the beginning.

One student told the Post she brought in the required documents only to be told that one of her parents had to bring them in.

A teacher told the Post that the deadline has been extended from Nov. 22 to Dec. 13.

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