Military brides-to-be get free dresses on Veterans Day

Bride-to-be Nicole Wahmhoff leaves Jeanette\'s Bride \'n Boutique on Veterans Day after getting a free wedding gown. (WTOP/Megan Cloherty)

MANASSAS, Va. — On Veterans Day, some military brides-to-be got their wedding dresses free of charge.

It did not take long for Marine veteran Nicole Wahmhoff to find her perfect wedding dress: It was the second she tried on.

“I know, it’s amazing,” Wahmhoff says of the relatively quick find.

This is the fifth year Jeanette’s Bride ‘n Boutique in Manassas, Va., has teamed up with Brides Across America to give active military and their spouses dresses for free.

When the store manager pulled up at 8 a.m. there were already 30 brides-to-be outside waiting.

“Today is different because we never know what’s on the racks. It’s kind of a first-come first-served,” says manager Kiera Ogden.

Dresses are donated by Brides across America. But if a bride wants to choose a dress off another rack, it’s 30 percent off — double the usual military discount.

Forty-three women signed up to try on dresses Monday. To do so, they had to register through the program for $20.

“It’s a great way to thank the people who serve. Like me, I can’t be with my spouse. So we get a free wedding dress, that’s pretty awesome,” Wahmhoff says.

She and her husband married on Aug. 30 and are planning to have their ceremony and reception on April 1, 2014. She says not spending the money on her wedding dress is helping her financially.

“It will make it easier for me to travel back-and-forth and see him I don’t have to pay tons of money for address,” Wahmhoff says.

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