Man faces charges after allegedly faking banana peel slip at D.C. Metro station (Video)

WASHINGTON – A man is in a slippery situation after authorities say he purposely tumbled on a banana peel at a D.C. Metro station.

On Nov. 8, Maurice Owens told the Metro Transit Police Department and the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority that he slipped on a banana peel while exiting an elevator at the Potomac Avenue station, located at 700 14th St. in southeast. Owens was transported to an area hospital and said he sustained injuries to his left leg and left hip, WMATA Spokesperson Dan Stessel said in an email.

Owens formally requested $15,000 to settle his claim. Owens said he slipped on the peel because station custodians had not properly cleaned the elevator, according to Stessel.

Surveillance video shows the elevator did not have anything on the ground prior to Owens’ entry. Owens entered the elevator alone with what appears to be something in his hand. In the video, Owens looks in the direction of the camera and a few seconds later, walks away from the elevator door and there is an object on the ground.

When the elevator door opens, the video shows Owens slip on the object and fall to the ground. He gets back up with the apparent peel left in the elevator.

MTPD later confirmed the object was a banana peel.

Officials presented the evidence to the U.S. Attorney’s Office and Owens was charged with felony second degree fraud.

Authorities arrested Owens. It is not clear when he will appear in court.

Watch the video surveillance below:

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