LA Boxing Now “UFC Gym”

Bethesda's LA Boxing is now UFC GymLook no further than Bethesda’s now former LA Boxing club for evidence of boxing’s demise and the rise of mixed martial arts.

The gym, at 4834 Cordell Ave., changed its name to UFC Gym a few weeks ago, after the Ultimate Fighting Championship bought LA Boxing earlier this year.

UFC is the largest promoter of mixed martial arts and has exploded in popularity in the last few years.

The changeover is mostly in name only. LA Boxing’s 81 locations offered boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts workouts before the sale.

A press release claims LA Boxing’s focus was on workouts for “suburban men, women and children — which burns 800-1,000 calories per hour, taught by professionally-trained boxers, kickboxers and mixed martial arts fighters.”

California-based UFC Gym offers group fitness classes, private MMA training and youth MMA programs.

The Bethesda location is offering holiday specials and eight free days of workouts.

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