Gadget prevents lost smartphones, missed calls

The Vybe smart bracelet vibrates when a user gets more than 50 feet from a smartphone. (Courtesy Vybe)

WASHINGTON – It’s an awful feeling.

You just realized you lost your smartphone.

Trying to track-down a misplaced phone, even with GPS-based apps like “Find My iPhone” can mean hours of retracing steps, hunting and worrying.

Vybe smart bracelet springs into action whenever owner and phone get too far away from each other.

Vybe is powered by a small Bluetooth chip that slips inside a rubber wristband. Once synced with a phone, the vibrating chip will alert the owner when it gets more than 50 feet away from the phone.

Vybe can be worn on a wrist, or, with an extension strap, on an ankle.

Its makers say Vybe will ship this winter at a cost of $39 for one chip and a colored strap.

Though not as devastating as a lost phone, Vybe also prevents lost calls or texts, during times a user doesn’t feel like having a phone strapped to his or her hip.

The device will vibrate once for a text or continuously while the phone is ringing.

A user can choose to not answer a call by pressing the bracelet.

Vybe works with all iPhone models 4S or later and all Android, Windows and Blackberry models that support Bluetooth 4.0.

The manufacturer says Vybe charges in 2 hours via micro USB and one charge will last 4 days.

While not waterproof or water-resistant because of the charging port, its makers say Vybe can be used while washing hands, because the chip is located underneath the band.

The rubber straps come in seven colors and the vibrating chip can be moved from band to band.

See how Vybe works:

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