Biscuit the Shih Tzu happy in new home

After two years roaming Franconia on his own, Biscuit is happy in his new home.

WASHINGTON – After two years roaming Franconia on his own, Biscuit is happy in his new home.

That’s the word from the Fairfax County police about the little Shih Tzu who spent more than two years in the elements before he was rescued by animal control in April.

Biscuit, who was named by children in a neighborhood where he was frequently seen foraging for food, spent a few months with Enna Lugo, the officer who rescued him with the help of animal control staff and volunteers. Then he was adopted in August by Faisal and Mary Ann Rashid, of Oakton, and their two school-age children, Julia and Sam.

According to a statement from the police, Mary Ann Rashid says that Biscuit loves cuddling with the family while they watch TV and has become part of the family’s morning routine: “He and I walk the kids to the bus every morning,” she says, “and he waits for them to come home.”

He slept under a porch during his two years on his own, and according to the statement he sleeps under the parents’ bed.

Officer Lugo says she’s thrilled with the match, according to the statement: “I can’t believe how much he’s bonded with his new family! He’s found the loving home we always wanted for him.”

During his time on his own, some residents had said that Biscuit’s owner had died; others said he or she had moved away. Either way, Biscuit was on his own. Several days after Biscuit was rescued, his former owner came forward and said the dog had run away the the day after she bought him and that she searched for him for months.

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