8th graders conspire to help teammate score his 1st touchdown

WASHINGTON — A group of middle school boys in Michigan were featured on CBS Evening News recently for their act of kindness to a fellow student — providing a welcome break from the stream of school bullying stories that more often make headlines.

The football players at Olivet Middle School in Olivet, Mich., spent a month planning a play for an upcoming game that would let fellow teammate, Keith Orr, score his first touchdown, CBS reports.

The plan was to first get the ball as close to the end zone as possible, so the runner intentionally took a knee at the one yard line. Then the team made sure Keith had the ball and protected him as he scored his first touchdown.

Keith has a learning disability and struggles with boundaries, CBS reports.

“Nothing can really explain getting a touchdown when you’ve never had one before,” one player said.

Watch the CBS story:

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