Would you spend $15,000 for a mattress?

WASHINGTON – An Aireloom Mattress is a must-have for celebrities – but would you spend 15,000 for one?

“Fifteen thousand dollars to sleep like George Clooney. Why not? I would do it. When I lay back on it I don’t want to get out,” says Steven Watkins, sales rep at Mattress Warehouse, off Lee Highway in Fairfax. “King-size is of course the way to go. And the King size retails for 15,000.”

The store has a selection of the Aireloom Mattress Collection.”That’s what all the Hollywood movie stars sleep on,” says Watkins.

On Sunday, the king-sized Aireloom is being marked down to $9,999. If that’s still too much, the queen is being marked down to $7,999.

There’s a king-sized Aireloom on display at Watkins’ store. But the $15,000 price tag doesn’t include a headboard or footer for the bed. So why does it cost so much?

“It’s handmade, organic materials. It’s hand-tufted, which is something you don’t see in most mattresses,” says Watkins. In other mattresses, Watkins says, the foam is glued into place, but on these mattresses it’s handsewn into place. And no chemicals are used to produce these mattresses, he says.

When asked how many he sells, he says, “that would be confidential,” but adds the store does well with the line and that people – mostly doctors and lawyers – come into the store and ask for Airelooms, and know all about them.

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