Marking International Day of the Girl with ‘Girl Rising’

Bob Madigan and Debra Feinstein,

WASHINGTON – Right now, 77 million girls can only dream of going to school, but tradition and oppression block their way.

That’s why the documentary, “Girl Rising,” played in theaters all over the country on Oct. 10. The film tells the compelling stories of nine extraordinary girls from nine developing countries, each fighting against all odds, such as being to being forced into early teenage marriage, child slavery and sexual assault. Some were kept in the dark — both literally and figuratively.

These nine women overcome these seemingly insurmountable economic and cultural odds with one goal in mind: to simply to get an education. As the producers have noted, they are but a small sampling of the issue but an uplifting example of the power of education.

One screening of “Girl Rising” took place in Rockville, Md. It was organized by Julia Dubner, who felt compelled to share the film for several reasons.

“Oct. 11 is International Day of the Girl, Oct. 12 is my daughter’s tenth birthday, this is the time to do it,” Dubner says.

Another mother, Linda Silverstein from Brookeville, Md., agreed the timing of the premiere was right.

“The whole time I was thinking, I wonder what my girls are thinking,” says Silverstein, who brought her 15-and 17-year-old daughters to see the film.

“Not only because it is an important story and they should be aware of it

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