As healthcare website problems persist, officials say ‘keep trying’

WASHINGTON –, the website for the president’s signature health care law has had its share of problems since its roll out nearly two weeks ago, but experts advise people to keep trying.

“This is definitely not the way the folks in the federal government were hoping the exchange roll out would go,” says Chapin White, senior health researcher at the Center for Studying Health System Change.

The site has been so problematic it has even thwarted some individuals from signing on, but White says users should keep trying.

“Definitely go on, try again,” White says. “They have been fixing the website. If it doesn’t work, try again.”

An insurance executive has told the New York Times the government health care website is experiencing more than glitches, describing the problem as “pretty enormous.”

Obama administration officials say there’s plenty of time to fix the website before the Dec. 15 deadline to sign up for health insurance coverage that begins Jan. 1.

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