Raffle of dream home canceled

The Middletown High School Sports Club is selling raffle tickets for a chance to win this four-bedroom home. (Courtesy of Middletown High School Sports Club)

UPDATE – Friday, – 9/13/2013, 7:35 a.m. ET

The raffle of the home has been canceled.

On its website, Middletown High School Sports Club posted a message that said only 4,300 tickets had been sold. The club needed to sell 6,000.

“We are waiting for official word from the State to see if there are any options. We will not be hosting a drawing on Sept 13,” the message says.

EARLIER – Wednesday – 9/4/2013, 7:23am ET

WASHINGTON – Would you pay $100 for the chance to own a $475,000 house? That’s what a local group of sports boosters is hoping.

The Middletown High School Sports Club is raffling off a four-bedroom, three- and-a-half bath house with a two-car garage in Cone Branch Estates in Middletown, Md. The funds will help pay for $1.7 million in renovations at the school’s football stadium.

The group is $500,000 short to finish the renovation, says club president Keith Powell, noting they have to pay for the house, too.

“If we sell 6,000 tickets, then the sports club will make $125,000,” Powell says.

The club has only sold 3,700 tickets so far and if it doesn’t sell at least 6,000 the raffle will be canceled.

Powell says the group hopes to make enough to finish the renovations. Two new bathrooms at the stadium are among the unfinished items. The drawing is Friday, Sept. 13.

To read more about the raffle, click here.

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