Prince George’s adds speed camera in Landover

A new mobile speed camera greets drivers along Hubbard Road in Landover, Md. The road is near an elementary school. (WTOP/Veronica Robinson)

LANDOVER, Md. – A new speed camera has gone up in Landover near Dodge Park Elementary School.

The speed limit is 25 mph in the 3400 block of Hubbard Road near the school and the camera is coming as a shock to some.

“Wow, there’s been no information put out,” says one woman. She says she’s never seen speeding that would warrant a speed camera.

A man who lives in the area says “it ain’t nothing but a booby trap for the state of Maryland to get more money.”

He says when there is traffic on Hubbard Road “no kids are even right there anyway, so it’s a waste of a camera, the school way up the hill.”

Dodge Park Elementary isn’t on Hubbard, it’s on an adjacent street. But some say a lot of kids walk down Hubbard on their way to school and they’re glad so see the camera.


The speed limit is just 25 mph along Hubbard Road, near Dodge Park Elementary School. A new mobile speed camera, seen behind the tree, now greets drivers along this stretch of road in Landover. (WTOP/Veronica Robinson)

Several speed cameras have been popping up in Prince George’s County in school zones in recent years.

The county has installed 72 speed cameras in school zones, including mobile cameras like the one recently posted near Dodge Park Elementary School.

In Maryland, speed cameras can only be used within school zones and highway construction zones.

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