Finding faith during times of tragedy

Something to hold on to

wtopstaff | November 14, 2014 9:11 pm

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WASHINGTON – As churches nationwide and around the District say prayers for the victims of the Navy Yard shooting this weekend, many search for solace and ask: “Why?”

Reverend Dexter Nutall, director of religious affairs for D.C., said that at times like these, faith becomes more important.

“It’s our faith that becomes that fuel to motivate us and allow us to keep going,” he said.

At a vigil for the shooting victims, Nutall said tragedies such as the Navy Yard shooting are difficult to process, but he emphasizes that hope can be a sustaining power during difficult experiences.

“One of the things that helps those of us that are people of faith to make it through moments like this is the reality that there is a deeper reality,” Nutall said.

WTOP’s Paula Wolfson contributed to this report. Follow @PWolfsonWTOP and WTOP on Twitter.

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