Denny’s tweaks gold iPhone with tweet

WASHINGTON – Denny’s Restaurants scored a Twitter hit with its poke at the just-announced gold-colored iPhone 5S.

Shortly after Apple announced its newest iPhone would feature a gold model, Denny’s social media ad showed a stack of pancakes and the word Pancakes with an Apple-styled box around the letter s.

Below the short stack of golden-brown pancakes, topped with butter and syrup is the phrase “Always available in golden.”

This is not Denny’s first foray into ads that quickly target the news of the day.

Without referring to the National Security Agency by name, shortly after the agency’s surveillance programs came to light, the chain’s social media ad read: “Denny’s knows what you crave before they do.”

Oreo received acclaim for its social media ad shortly after the blackout at this year’s Super Bowl.

The Oreo ad read “You can still dunk in the dark.”

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