After long holiday comes the traffic blues

This is going to add up. (WTOP/Dave Dildine)

WASHINGTON – Like WTOP Traffic has reported, the roads seem even more congested after the long Labor Day weekend.

It’s because they’re back: Shorter days and longer commutes.

Terrible Tuesday, Wicked Wednesday, Tumultuous Thursday — no matter how it’s sliced, the week after the holiday has a reputation of being unpleasant on the roads. And next week will be even worse.

“It’s going to gradually build up, especially with Congress coming back next week,” says Jim Battagliese, Director of Traffic for WTOP.

Daily routines also start to change this time of year with BRAK impact, a new school year and vacations coming to a close. And with those changes come shifts in travel patterns — and increased gridlock.

“The sun angle is getting lower…During morning rush hour it’s right in your eyes as you head east, going home [it’s] in your eyes as you head west,” says Battagliese.

But, hopefully, relief should come by the third week of September. As everyone adjusts to their new schedules, traffic patterns should start to ease.

“I’d say by the third week of September we should have all adjusted to getting back to work and school and you should start to see traffic patterns ease a little bit,” says Battagliese.

WTOP’s David Dildine contributed to this report.

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