Would Ripken want to manage the Nats? (Video)

WASHINGTON – Baltimore Orioles great Cal Ripken Jr. says he’s getting the “itch” to come back to the big leagues in some capacity.

Could that mean he’d manage a team slightly south of where he spent his Hall of Fame career?

In an interview with CSN Chicago, Ripken said the Washington Nationals have not asked to interview him. But it sounds like if the Nats were interested in “The Iron Man” taking over for departing manager Davey Johnson, he’d be willing to listen.

“I’ve been asked to interview for many managing jobs and I never said ‘yes’ because I never was serious about it, and I thought it’d be wrong to go through that process,” Ripken said. “I haven’t been asked by them.”

When pressed on what he’d say “if they asked,” Ripken responded that his interest might be piqued.

“I think I would be more curious at this stage in my life than I have been,” he said. “That’s kind of a ‘maybe.'”

See the interview below, courtesy of CSNWashington:

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