Uptown Tap House closed temporarily, under new management

Uptown Tap House, the bar and restaurant formerly known as Ireland’s Four Fields in Cleveland Park, will be closed for the next few weeks while the bar changes management.

When Four Fields closed in 2012, the space was taken over by the owners of McFadden’s in Foggy Bottom and Sign of the Whale in Dupont Circle, which opened Uptown in September 2012.

Uptown had been offering a promotion similar to those of its sister restaurants, allowing customers to enter to win free happy hours. Patrons who had those happy hours scheduled for this past weekend received emails noting their happy hours could not be accommodated due to the closure, but that they could reschedule them at either McFadden’s or Sign of the Whale.

“Uptown Tap House is undergoing some changes in management and will be closed for the next few weeks,” an Uptown staffer wrote in the email.

The restaurant is also apparently hiring an entirely new staff, according to an ad posted on Craigslist. I’ve reached out to the owners of McFadden’s and Sign of the Whale to see if they are still involved in the restaurant.

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