RG3 immortalized in sandwich

The RG3 has been a hit since its debut at Gus\'s Bar and Grill, the manager says. (WTOP/George Wallace)

RICHMOND, Va. – One week of training camp has gone by, and Richmond has rolled out the red carpet for the Redskins. At Gus’s Bar and Grill, across the road from the team’s facility, they’ve cooked up a tribute to the Skins’ quarterback – the RG3 sandwich.

Megan, the manager at Gus’s, says the RG3 is composed of sirloin steak strips with homemade marinade, fajita-style onions and peppers, a homemade taco seasoning, cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato on a foot-long roll.

She says it’s been a hit. “We’ve had several people come in strictly for the sub … We’ve sold out of it three days.”

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