Petitions denounce Ben Affleck as next Batman

WASHINGTON — Ben Affleck might be an award-winning director, but can he pull off playing the Caped Crusader?

According to responses on social media, the answer seems to be “no.”

When news spread that Affleck has signed on as the next Batman, people were not shy about expressing their dismay:

“Almost anyone would be better,” Facebook user Scott Grandy says.

“Christian Bale is the Dark Knight!” says James Puckett Jr., also on Facebook.

Rancor is so high that two petitions are already circulating demanding Affleck refrain from taking the role.

One of the petitions was posted on the White House’s “We the People” page, and asked the president to “denounce the selection of Ben Affleck.” It was promptly removed for violating terms of service, CBS reports.

The second petition, via, already has more than 9,000 supporters as of 2 p.m. Friday. It asks Warner Bros. to remove Affleck from the role, stating that the “Argo” director is “not built, nor is he intimidating enough for the role of Batman.”

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