Local Bank Donates County Fair Steer To Food Bank

Steers on sale at the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair 4-H Livestock Sale, Flickr photo by afagen

A local bank took a different approach in a recent donation to the Manna Food Center.

At the county’s Agricultural Fair last week, Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union bought a 1,029-pound steer. The beef from the bovine will be donated to Gaithersburg-based Manna to help feed nearly 1,000 in-need people in Montgomery County.

“The recent donation is impressive because of the quantity of food but also, more importantly, because of the quality,” said Jenna Umbriac, Manna’s director of nutrition programs.

Umbriac said the county-grown, consciously-raised beef will feed about 400 county families.

The Credit Union was a sponsor of the 2013 Montgomery County Agricultural Fair, where it bought the steer at the Montgomery County 4-H’s Livestock Sale last Friday.

Flickr photo by afagen

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