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Washington apartment rents among priciest

Apartment rents in the Washington region are the fourth-highest in the nation, according to a CBS MoneyWatch list.

It said the median rent in Washington is $2,699 a month, more than double the national average. Washington rents range from a median $1,675 a month for a studio to $3,110 a month for a two-bedroom apartment.

Rents were calculated by

San Francisco ranks as the most expensive apartment rental market, with a median monthly rent of $3,396. The median rent on a two-bedroom apartment approaches $4,000 a month.

New York City was second, with a median monthly rent of $3,344. Boston is the only other city with higher rents than Washington, with a median monthly rent of $3,190.

Los Angeles, San Jose, Calif., Oakland, Calif., Miami, Seattle and San Diego round out the list of the 10 most expensive apartment rental markets.

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