Taxi Companies Again Offering SoberRide Program July 4

Sober Ride infoA group of local taxi cab companies is again offering free taxi rides up to $30 on Thursday night to help avoid drunk driving accidents.

The Washington Regional Alcohol Program (WRAP) is offering its 2013 Independence Day SoberRide program from 10 p.m. on Thursday until 4 a.m. on Friday.

Participants must be 21 or older and can call 800-200-8294 (TAXI) for a ride. Callers must pay for anything over the subsidized $30 fare.

WRAP’s SoberRide, also used during the December/January holiday season, St. Patrick’s Day and Halloween, has provided almost 58,000 taxi rides since it started in 1993. You can’t reserve a pick-up in advance.

If you call from Montgomery County, a dispatcher will send a Barwood cab your way.

Some would like to expand SoberRide services to times other than identified high-risk holidays. A group of participants in Montgomery County’s Nighttime Economy Task Force recently discussed how a year-round program could help increase nighttime business activity in Bethesda, which is relatively isolated from other areas with nighttime economies.

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