Study: Young people regretting online posts

WASHINGTON – If it’s posted online, it might live forever. And a new study is showing young people are regretful of some of their online posts.

Whether it’s pictures of the latest beer pong tournament or an explicit description of a recent date, online posts can haunt you.

Young people are more connected online than any other group and AOL reports many wish they’d been less impulsive before posting an image or comment on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other social networks.

According to FindLaw and AOL Jobs, one in three young workers ages 18-34 worry something they put online could either get them fired or prevent them from getting a job they want.

There’s simple advice for anyone posting online – but particularly for young people looking forward to successful careers: Think first, post later; tighten privacy settings by locking down accounts so only authorized people can see what you post and limit personal information.

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