Scam artists impersonating water employees

WASHINGTON — It seems scam artists are taking advantage of the recent water crisis by impersonating utility workers in an attempt to get into other people’s homes.

Fairfax County police say twice in the last week an impersonator claiming to work for Fairfax Water has knocked on doors and told residents they needed to check something inside, according to a Fairfax County news release.

On Thursday, a man carrying a clipboard knocked on a 76-year-old woman’s home on the 6500 block of Annandale Street and asked to come inside. The woman let the man in and escorted him to the backyard. Police believe someone else entered the home while the two were out back and stole money from the woman’s purse.

In a separate incident, an impersonator approached another potential victim who recognized the situation as suspicious and refused to let him inside, the release says. She was not victimized.

Both police and Fairfax Water urge residents to take the following precautions:

  • Check photo identification. All Fairfax Water employees are required to have photo ID. In addition, employees wear clothing and drive vehicles that bear the Fairfax Water logo.
  • If you are uncertain, call (703) 698-5800, TTY 711 for verification.
  • Fairfax Water employees do not receive or accept any form of payment during service calls and do not collect water-service fees door-to-door.
  • Most water meters are located outside of customer’s home. Water employees do not require entry to read a meter.

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