Photos: Navy Annex Demolition Nearly Complete

ac 018 Photo courtesy Robert Lauderdale Photo courtesy Robert Lauderdale Photo courtesy Robert Lauderdale Military photo Military photo Military photo The demolition of the former Navy Annex on Columbia Pike Military photo Military photo Aerial view of the Navy Annex on Columbia Pike (via Google Maps) The Navy Annex complex on Columbia Pike Overhead view of the Navy Annex, with the Foxcroft Heights neighborhood in the foreground and the Air Force Memorial in the background

The Navy Annex, once an expansive Department of Defense office complex, has been reduced to a pile of rubble.

The military started tearing down the offices, first built in 1941, last fall. The demolition will make way for an expansion of Arlington National Cemetery and, eventually, a realignment of Columbia Pike.

(Arlington County is still in negotiations with the military regarding the exact land swap plan necessary to accomplish both objectives.)

Demolition of the last of the 7 wings of the Navy Annex started on June 19 and appears to be mostly complete. No structure on the site is still standing; rather, piles of rubble and lower portions of the building are awaiting additional demolition and will be hauled away over the next month, we’re told. Additional debris removal is taking place across Columbia Pike, at the Navy Annex’s former parking lot.

Grass and meadows are expected to be planted on the 42-acre site in September, according to Rep. Jim Moran’s office. Before and after photos from the demolition can be found above.

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