Offspring of zebra-donkey born in Italy (Video)

WASHINGTON – He’s been named Ippo — which means “hippo” in Italian — but he’s a rare donkey-zebra hybrid, born recently in Florence, Italy.

Time magazine and ANSA report the breeding was unintentional, with a fence separating Ippo’s parents.

Time says Ippo is the first zebra-donkey — or zonkey — born in Italy. There are reportedly a few in Germany and China.

In the United States, a zedonk was born at a farm in Thurmont, Md., reports the Frederick News-Post. The paper says a zedonk is the result of a coupling between a female zebra and male donkey, while a zonkey is the offspring of a male zebra and female donkey.

Below is video (in Italian) of Ippo the zonkey:

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