County Relocating Woodmont Avenue Crosswalk

Crews are relocating the non-signalized crosswalk on Woodmont Avenue at Fairmont Avenue

The Montgomery County Department of Transportation hopes to make a non-signalized crosswalk on Woodmont Avenue safer with a construction project that should finish up this week.

Anyone passing through Woodmont Triangle has likely noticed the construction activity happening on the east side of Veterans Park, at the intersection of Woodmont and Fairmont Avenues.

Department of Transportation contractors have been busy since last week building a pedestrian refuge island in the middle of the street. A spokesperson for the county said the crosswalk, now on the north side of the intersection, will be relocated to where the island is to improve pedestrian safety.

The existing crosswalk does include signs that indicate drivers must stop when a pedestrian wants to cross. But much like the potentially dangerous situations in other Bethesda non-signalized crosswalks, drivers often don’t yield.

The relocation of the Woodmont Avenue crosswalk will also square it up to make it shorter, the spokesperson said.

Expect work to be done this week. The curbside parking meters in the section of Woodmont along Veterans Park were closed off on Monday. Workers are also relaying bricks on the sidewalk.

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