‘Buffer’ tool helps manage social network postings

WASHINGTON – Social media outlets are important to your life and business so you may want to think twice about taking shortcuts when managing your various networks.

Whether you’re trying to promote your work or just keep in touch with friends, you may have connected your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to save time by only posting in one place.

Efficient? Yes. But digital experts say it can make you appear irrelevant, disengaged or simply out of place.

There’s a tool called Buffer that can help you manage your networks.

“Not every post on Twitter is appropriate for LinkedIn, not every post on LinkedIn is appropriate for Twitter, and not every post on Facebook is appropriate either,” says WTOP Tech Guy Gregg Stebben.

Ken Colburn of Data Doctors writes that the best way to signal to the world that you aren’t really paying attention to your social media presence is to treat your accounts like a one-way broadcasting system. He says it is important to tailor your posts and to have lots of conversations online.

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