Morning Notes

Flickr photo by Alice Katindig

WSSC Has Significant Amount of Problematic Concrete Water Mains — The concrete water main that broke in March in Chevy Chase is one example of the many large concrete mains the area’s water system. The WSSC’s inventory of the pipes, including a significant amount from a defunct New Jersey company blamed for making some of the mains most vulnerable to breaks, is second only to Detroit, according to the Post. [Washington Post]

Bethesda Magazine Short Story and Essay Contest Winners — More than 100 adults and more than 60 high school students entered the essay contest, sponsored by the Magazine and Bethesda Urban Partnership. The Magazine has published the winning entries. [Bethesda Magazine]

iPhone, Android Map Shows Where Affluent Of Montgomery County Live — Using the locations of tweets, a mapper determined where people primarily use iPhones versus where people primarily use android phones, an indicator of where the affluent live. [Just Up The Pike]

Flickr photo by Alice Katindig

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