Lyme disease medicine in short supply

WASHINGTON – If you come down with Lyme disease, good luck getting help.

Doxycycline, the drug that’s considered “first-line” treatment for Lyme Disease, is in short supply – which is bad news for folks who spend time outdoors.

The drug went on the federal government’s national drug shortage list early this year because of a rise in demand for the drug and manufacturing delays.

The timing couldn’t be worse; deer ticks make their seasonal debut around this time. Most new cases of Lyme disease happen from June through August.

Some members of Congress are calling on the Food and Drug Administration to do something about it. In Loudoun County, spraying for ticks began last week in some parks.

In the meantime, experts say be sure to use a DEET-based repellant when you’re outdoors and get your dog treated for ticks too. And it’s not a bad idea to wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants too – even if it gets sticky and hot outdoors.

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