Amazon may expand grocery business

AmazonFresh\'s website serves Seattle neighborhoods, but rumors are the service could be expanding. (Courtesy
AmazonFresh expanding?

Paula Wolfson | November 14, 2014 7:09 pm

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WASHINGTON – Many shoppers are familiar with for buying books, gifts and household items, but now the largest online retailer is expanding into groceries.

Amazon is already selling and delivering groceries near its base in Seattle and is moving into Los Angeles.

“They are taking some steps to try to expand this a bit,” says Rex Crum, a technology reporter with

He says the company is being coy about its future plans.

“Amazon will let us know when they are ready to let us know,” Crum says.

No word if D.C.-area distribution is in the offing. But Amazon has the potential to be a game-changer in the online grocery business because of its big distribution network, Crum says.

“They have the experience in delivering … and so they feel like they can bring this to grocery shopping,” Crum says.

The big question is whether enough customers will feel comfortable ordering perishable items like produce.

“They will have to overcome that and of course it remains to be seen if this will end up being profitable for them,” Crum says.

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