Wife says wounded police officer’s recovery is ‘remarkable’

ALEXANDRIA — The wife of Alexandria police officer Peter Laboy spoke to media on Tuesday for the first time since her husband was shot in the head during a traffic stop four months ago.

“I actually think it’s a miracle,” Suzanne Laboy said. “It was not his time to go.”

Peter Laboy, a motorcycle officer, was shot in the head in February when he approached a taxi cab he pulled over in Old Town.

Suzanne Laboy says her husband has had another surgery and is preparing to begin what could be a full year of rehabilitation. But, she says, the recovery has not been easy.

“He’s the same person that I married,” she says. But, “You know when you live with somebody and something is not right, something is weighing on their mind heavily. That’s how he is.”

Suzanne Laboy says she is grateful for the help and encouragement she has received from the community.

“Every day is a different day. Some days are good, some days aren’t.”

Her husband has talked about going back to work eventually.

“He’ll pace the the house,” she says. “He can’t get settled. He’s bored he tells me, he wants to do stuff.”

She says her husband has also talked about getting back on his motorcycle, but she doesn’t think she is ready for that.

But, she says, the couple has four children who are glad to have their Dad back.

The suspect, Kashif Bashir, was indicted by a grand jury on Monday on attempted murder charges.

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