RG3 realtor: ‘He’s really down to earth’

The back view of RG3\'s former home in Leesburg, Va. The house is now up for sale. (Courtesy Casey Margenau, RE/MAX Distinctive)

Editor’s Note: Take a tour of RG3’s new $2.5 million dollar home in Loudoun County’s Creighton Farms.

WASHINGTON – Casey Margenau has sold homes to Capitals players, Wizards players and Redskins players — not to mention a fair share of high-powered CEOs — but when he took on RG3 as a client, the experience was refreshing.

“Here’s the cool thing: The gentleman guy that he is in the media, the persona they’re giving him — it’s true. He was a gentleman through the whole process. A nice guy all the way,” Margenau says.

There’s been a lot of news about Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III lately as details are released about his upcoming wedding to Rebecca Liddicoat, the gifts on his registry and his recent purchase of a new home in Loudoun County.

The 23-year-old phenom is leading the team’s rookies at mini-camp this week and continues to rehab his knee. He signed a $21.1 million contract with the team in July 2012.

“I deal with all these guys, and it’s just kind of funny to see how he was,” Margenau says. “It’s very nice to see a guy who is that in demand and who has that much going on – that he’s really down-to-earth.”

Margenau says after the sale was completed, Griffin was happy to sign autographs and take pictures with the lawyers and realtors who allowed themselves a few moments of fandom after the work was done.

Margenau says he also showed the quarterback several homes, one of which was much larger and more than twice as expensive, listed at $4.5 million. Margenau says Griffin turned down that house because it was “too big.”

“He bought a house in Loudoun County because he wants a nice, quiet place to live,” Margenau says.

Margenau says the home Griffin has been renting in Emerald Dunes, a gated community in Leesburg, Va., is now for sale.

Here’s a tour of Griffin’s former digs:

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