‘Bang for Your Buck’ show features Dave Johnson’s old house

The view of the Severn River from the home Dave Johnson used to own was spectacular. The home is featured on HGTV\'s \'Bang for Your Buck.\' (WTOP/Dave Johnson)

WASHINGTON – If you’ve ever seen the HGTV show, “Bang for Your Buck,” you know the homes have undergone beautiful renovations.

One of the homes to be featured on the 11 a.m. episode Thursday belonged to WTOP Sports Director Dave Johnson. Of course, if you miss it, it will be back in reruns.

Johnson’s better half, Diane, was the brainchild behind the $80,000 coastal living great room renovation in Annapolis, Md.

“It turned out to be this incredible vision that ended up winning us $10,000 on a reality show where we were winners over two other couples,” Johnson says.

“And if the IRS is listening, yes, we did pay taxes on it.”

The house features a gorgeous view of the Severn River.

The great room had to be gutted. As for what exactly was done, Johnson admits being clueless. Diane handled it all.

“I feel like a dog must feel, like where you understand every third word, but most of what’s coming out of her mouth makes no sense to me,”

So where was he during all the work?

“I used to hide from the contractors,” Johnson says.

Yes, he hid in the basement.

To what lengths did he go to avoid being part of the renovation process?

He says used to come into his home pretending to be on his cellphone so he didn’t have to talk to the contractor.

The show with designer Vern Yip was filmed two years ago, but is just airing.

The Johnsons no longer own the home, thanks in part to the renovation.

“We got an offer in one day,” Johnson says.

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