Pike & Rose To Upgrade Signage For Construction, Farmers Market

New temporary signage for Pike & Rose construction area, via Federal Realty

Rockville-based Federal Realty today won approval for new temporary signage at its Pike & Rose site, a move it hopes will enhance its branding and marketing efforts for the mixed-use town square-oriented development to come.

Federal Realty will replace the green mesh material on the fence around Phase 1 of construction along Old Georgetown Road with a series of images designed by Paula Rees, who also designed Federal’s Sanatana Row project in California.

All temporary signage in the county that encompasses more than 100 feet requires a variance from the county’s Sign Review Board. Board chair Coblens Scherr expressed concern with how eye-catching the images might be to drivers turning onto Old Georgetown Road from Rockville Pike.

But Scherr and the rest of the Board approved the variance, which also includes vertical signs on 20-f0ot tall posts to advertise the Pike Central Farm Market, which opens on Saturday.

New temporary signage for Pike & Rose construction area, via Federal Realty“One of the things that Federal Realty is extremely keen on making sure of is positioning a property within its context and within the portfolio we have,” said Vanessa Rodriguez, who handles marketing for Pike & Rose and for Bethesda Row. “We really think about what it is going to look like and what it is going to feel like and how we are going to communicate that.”

When complete, the former Mid-Pike Plaza will have 1.5 million square feet of retail, residential, office and hotel space and a new street grid between Rockville Pike and Montrose Parkway. Phase 1 of the project, 950,000 square feet of mixed-use retail that includes a luxury iPic movie theater, broke ground last summer along Old Georgetown Road and is expected to be completed in the summer or fall of 2014.

Tommy Mann, a development associate at Federal Realty, said the upgraded signage is also part of the developer’s attempt to be a good neighbor.

The Sign Board gave Federal Realty a year for the new signage before having to come back and provide an update. The construction signage, designed to hang on a six-foot high fence, will be re-used as construction crews move from parcel to parcel on the property.

Photos from Federal Realty

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