Man builds real Bat Cave

WASHINGTON – A Delaware man has built a real-life Bat Cave, and his wife approves.

Chris Weir, 38, has collected Batman comics, posters and figurines since he was a child. Now, his collection values around $100,000, according to Barcroft Media.

When he and his wife bought their home in 2006, Weir says on the video he looked for ample basement space. After two and a half years of construction, he has built a real Bat Cave that cost around $150,000.

In the video, his wife Joanna says she is proud of what Chris has done.

“She was a little apprehensive at first,” he said. “But then she came around and said as long as I could pay the mortgage, I could do it,” Chris told Barcroft Media.

See the tour of the Batman-esque basement here:

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