Help a feline in need: 27 cats up for adoption

WASHINGTON – Last week, the Washington Humane Society helped more than two dozen cats suffering from ringworm.

The mild skin condition is similar to athlete’s foot in humans and is common in animals shelters due to stress.

Now that the 27 cats and two nursing litters of kittens are recovering, the organization needs the public’s help in finding homes for the felines.

Their adoption fees have been waived in hopes of speeding up the process.

People interested in fostering the cats should be able to keep them separated from other animals since ringworm is contagious, the humane society says.

“Getting an infected animal into a nice, calm, home environment often greatly decreases the recovery time, generally three to four weeks,” Washington Humane Society medical director Dr. Megan McAndrew says in a statement.

For more information, call the humane society at 202-576-6664.

This story has been corrected to properly identify the rescue organization involved.

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