Sex of 3-month-old sloth bear is now known

Asia Trail Curator Tony Barthel and zoo staff determined the cub is a boy. (National Zoo/Stacey Tabellario)

WASHINGTON – The National Zoo says the baby sloth bear born in December is a boy.

The cub has been bonding with mom Hana for the last 13 weeks.

The little guy is described as “quite daring and adventurous,” by the National Zoo.

The cub, born Dec. 19, 2012, now climbs the mesh of his enclosure and balances on top of wobbly toys, such as logs and kongs.

Of course, Hana is always nearby.

The cub will have its first veterinary exam in the next few weeks.

The sloth bear family makes its debut this summer.

Watch the bears on the zoo’s sloth bear cam.

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