Morning Notes

Woodmont Rooftop Bar To Be Named “Roof” — Tommy Joe’s owner Alan Pohoryles, who hopes to open a two-level bar and restaurant at the building under construction on the corner of Cordell and Norfolk Avenues, decided on a straightforward name around what will be place’s signature characteristic. [Bethesda Patch]

Residents Not Happy With Highway Plan For Montrose Road East — Residents and other members of the White Flint Implementation Committee are unhappy with plans revealed by the State Highway Administration on Monday night for the eastward extension of Montrose Parkway toward Veirs Mill Road. The route would connect the north end of White Flint with Rockville, Aspen Hill and mid-county. [Friends of White Flint]

Montgomery County Might Have To Refund $72.5 million in collected taxes — If the Maryland Court of Appeals does not reconsider its ruling on out-of-state tax credits for county taxes, Montgomery would be on the hook for taxes collected in 2009, 2010 and 2011. [The Gazette]

Montgomery Cops To Get A Raise — Montgomery County Police will get their first raise in four years, a 2.1 percent bump starting July 1. [Washington Examiner]

Flickr photo by Rootchopper

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