TRAFFIC ALERT Northbound lanes of Interstate 95 north of Aberdeen, Md., are completely closed due to accident.

Metrobus collides with car, dump truck in N.W.

WASHINGTON – A Metrobus accident blocked the northbound lanes of Connecticut Avenue at Porter Street for the better part of two hours Tuesday morning after the bus collided with a car and dump truck.

No one was seriously hurt, but bus passenger Lizzy Brown says it could have been much worse.

“The bus driver was just going straight from Porter, and this dump truck was trying to turn left from Porter onto Connecticut,” Brown says.

“He was running the red light, and he clipped the truck.”

Metro spokesman Dan Stessel spoke to Tuesday evening after the Metropolitan Police Department investigated the earlier accident to correct the previous information and reports about the incident.

“The bus was stopped at a bus stop on Porter Street. Then when the light turned green and the bus was going through the intersection, the dump truck tuned into the bus,” Stessel says.

The dump truck driver was issued a citation for failure to yield the right of way by MPD, according to Stessel.

The truck driver told police the light was green at the time and the bus was speeding.

The bus was traveling eastbound on Porter Street when it was hit, Brown says. It was unable to stop because the wreck knocked out the breaks, according to Metro officials on the scene.

Samuel Bolden’s white Volvo was also involved in the wreck.

“It jumped the median, ripped that sign out, hit my car, bounced to the right, ripped that sign out and then crashed into that wall right there,” Bolden says.

The video of the crash is under investigation.

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